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Lecture Week 2 Sept. 17-21

By hot ash the site offers unique insight into the

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Unformatted text preview: entially ended in 1450 BCE Mycenaeans took over Human Sacrifice in Minoan culture? o Fairly good evidence for human sacrifice A cave has been found that seems to contain evidence of an interrupted human sacrifice • 2 types of human remains found: o 1. People already dead at interruption Seem to have been drained of blood o 2. People who died during the interruption • Were these local residents or war slaves • Problematic: o It is difficult to understand the deliberate killing of humans in sacrifices at a time when maintaining the population was difficult (due to disease, warfare, etc) • Sacrifices often cropped up in times of significant catastrophe o Rather than regular practice • Akroteri • Bronze age town on the Greek island Santorini o The island is basically a volcano – still active • Excavated in the 1960’s o The site was a farmer’s field before excavation Bit of ancient debris kept popping up o Excavation style differs from sites like Knossos, Mycenae, and troy This site is better preserved and documented More cautious, systematic, and focused on documentation Archaeology in the 19th century was largely interesting in finding and selling ‘treasure’ • Poor records were kept of finds • Very well preserved buildings o Destroyed by a volcano eruption The site was covered and preserved by hot ash • The site offers unique insight into the daily life of this period because of the high level of preservation o Some wall paintings were preserved o Second stories of buildings survive Also wood staircases (this is rare) This provides some evidence for domestic spaces • No jewelry was found o Why? o People probably knew about the volcanic eruptions and fled They would have taken their ‘movable wealth’ (like jewelry) with them when they evacuated The people probably did escape the volcano, but not the tsunami that followed September 21st Mycenae • Before the site of Mycenae was found, our knowledge of the Mycenaean period was largely based on the Homeric epics (Iliad and Odyssey) o The Greeks believed these works represented their history...
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