Lecture Week 2 Sept. 17-21

Lecture Week 2 Sept 17-21

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Unformatted text preview: large structure discovered in 1899 by Archaeologist Arthur Evans • • • The structure seems to have been built around 2000 BCE (late bronze age) Evans named the structure the ‘Palace of Minos’ after the mythical king of Crete, Minos Myth of Minos o Minos was given a bull to sacrifice to Poseidon, but it was so beautiful that he decided to keep it and sacrifice another bull o As punishment, his wife, Pasiphae, was made to fall in love with the bull o Daedalus, an artisan, made a cow suit for Pasiphae to wear to mate with the bull Their offspring, the Minotaur, this way o Daedalus made the labyrinth to house the minotaur This story is thought to contain some factual details about Minoan society • For example, the Labyrinth is often tied to the palace complex at Knossos with its elaborate structure September 19th • Complex and multi ­level structure o Complexity of the site seems to support the idea that Minoan Crete was a ‘high’ culture o Several phases of development are discernible Rebuilt / added to as need arose • Minoan society called a thalassocracy (= power over the sea) o Knossos has no defensive walls Generally, cities were built near water with defensive walls • Damaged by an earthquake around 1700 BCE • Evans restoration: o Highly speculative o Based on actual trace evidence, though much of the evidence was fragmentary o Evans had a clear idea about the aesthetics of Minoan art and architecture and he carried out the restorations according to these ideas o He built up the outlines of the palace which had been excavated Only the foundations existed; most foundations were made of stone, but the walls were made of mud ­brick o Subject to circularity issues between Art Deco movement and Artistic style at Knossos o Wide scale reconstruction could be problematic Was Evens right about the appearance of Knossos Hard to remove restorations once they have been made Minoan Society • Pre ­palatial / Early Minoan period (3500 ­2000 BCE) o No texts to provide information about their society o Archaeological sites and goods must be used o Evidence from buria...
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