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Lecture Week 2 Sept. 17-21

That the first word which is corrupt only 2 letters

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Unformatted text preview: k of their power and influence • Possibly called the ‘Ahhiyawa’ in Hittite texts who were ruled by a ‘great king’ o This might relate to the name ‘Achaeans’ used to describe the Mycenaeans in Homer • Evidence of Earthquakes at the end of the 13th c. Destruction from earthquakes might have contributed to the decline of their culture There is also some evidence of a ‘Marauding Sea people’ They might have contributed to the destruction Alternatively, some scholars believe that the Mycenaeans were the ‘Marauding Sea people’ Linear B o Mycenaean Syllabic text found on tablets at Pylos o Michael Ventris deciphered the text He was an amateur linguist who teamed with a Classical scholar Scholarship had assumed that the text was not Greek Ventris, however, tested his theory that it was Greek written with an earlier script • This turned out to be correct • Shows that language is not necessarily tied to one alphabet...
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