Rhmys n term 1 arginine 2 histidine 3 methionine 4

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Unformatted text preview: icate: i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii. Myosin the myosin head Actin Thick and thin filaments ATP binding & hydrolysis ADP release Pi release the power stroke ↖ Myo sin 4) [10 points] Consider the following peptides (Nà༎C) i. RHMYS à༎ (N- term) 1. Arginine – 2. Histidine – 3. Methionine – 4. Trysine – 5. Serine (C- term) ii. AVLWK à༎ (N- term)1. Alanine – 2. Valine – 3. Leucine – 4. Tryptophan – 5. Lysine (C- term) i.) Using correct stereochemistry at the position, and the predominant ionization states of all the sidechains at pH 6.0, draw an antiparallel –sheet formed by peptides i and ii. rd Label ɸ and Ψ on the 3 amino acid of peptide i. nd Draw a box around a full set of planar atoms including those in the 2 amino acid on the backbone of peptide ii. ii.) iii.) ɸ ≡...
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