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Miller1 Frederick C. Miller Dr. Abbott English 1102-207 November 6, 2007 What’s For Breakfast in Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s? In Breakfast at Tiffany’s , Truman Capote utilizes propaganda to manipulate the thoughts of the viewer through a brilliant display of dramatic elements. Many hidden meanings can be found by digging beneath the surface: from the title of the performance, to the relationships of the main character. Some of these hidden meanings even cause the viewer to look at America under a new light. Evidence of this is found through multiple examples, even in the same way that beauty can disguise ugliness and pain. The writer vividly uses this principle in relation to America with his literary privileges. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is Capote's personal form of propaganda about the twentieth century American society. The name Breakfast at Tiffany’s is an odd title for a romance. The title even seems farfetched because it leads the viewer to believe that breakfast will, in fact, be eaten at Tiffany’s, although this event never takes place inside the actual store. Therefore, the title must have a more insightful meaning behind it. Why would Capote even choose breakfast as the meal to present-- why not lunch or dinner? Breakfast, the first meal of the day, is thought to be the most important meal of our day, and in order to eat breakfast, one must wake up early. The writer must be implying the theory that the early bird gets the worm. This theory is compatible with the movie considering that both birds and Holly Golightly dig, one for worms and the other for gold. This theme must be representative of America’s undying relationship with money that has engaged
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Miller2 the twentieth century. Money equals security, and as Americans we are always searching for this security, as does Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s . Therefore, the “Breakfast” in the title does not mean wake up and eat, it means wake up and find a way to acquire more money, a familiar lesson to all Americans throughout the twentieth century. While this film is a story about one’s life in America, there are several political
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Breakfast at tiffany's PAPER 2007 - Miller1 Frederick C...

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