Test 3 (Questions fo Train to Pakistan and 1947 Earth)

Test 3(Questions fo Train to Pakistan and 1947 Earth)

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Unformatted text preview: scribe them citing specific examples. What were the results of these meetings? 4. In both the book and the film trouble starts when a train arrives, in the book from Pakistan and in the film from Gurdaspor (India). Describe these incidents citing specific examples. How do Hasan and Dilnawaz react? Explain the significance of the caged lion. 5. In both the book and the film the government and Delhi is discussed, the magistrate in the book and friends listening to the radio in the film. Citing specific examples, what are their opinions of the central government? Citing specific examples, what do the villagers of Mano Majra think of the magistrate? 6....
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