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Test 3 (Questions fo Train to Pakistan and 1947 Earth)

Test 3 (Questions fo Train to Pakistan and 1947 Earth) -...

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Questions for Khushwant Singh, Train t o Pa k i st an ± DQG WKH ILOP ³²´µ¶ (DUWK´ Both the book and film are set in Punjab, India, around the time of Indian/Pakistani independence, August 1947. Punjab itself was divided in half along religious lines in the partition of India: majority Muslim East Punjab went to Pakistan and majority Hindu/Sikh West Punjab to India. However, many minorities were left on both sides of the border. This set in motion a wave of communal violence leaving approximately 1 million dead and a massive immigration of 14.5 million people desperate to escape across the border. The major communities, which each made up about a third of the Punjabi population, in the book and film are: Hindus: the oldest religion of India: thought to have originated with the Aryans around 1500 BCE; polytheists; caste system with untouchables, or outcasts, who appear in the film Muslims: arrived in India around 1000 CE; 15% of the Indian population, but concentrated in
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