Test 3 (Questions fo Train to Pakistan and 1947 Earth)

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Unformatted text preview: youtube.com/watch?v=BEJdS7_RC4Q on Amazon: 1. What was the relationship between Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims (and Parsis) in Mano Majra at the beginning of the book and Lahore pre-partition in the film? Cite specific examples. How does the mother describe the Parsis to her daughter in the film? 2. Two of the most interesting characters were Iqbal in the book and Dilnawaz (prepartition) in the film. Describe them citing specific examples. Who do you think Iqbal really was and what were his true motives in going to Mano Majra? What is your evidence for your conclusion? 3. There are parallel meetings in both the book and the film where the characters talk about the partition: a village meeting in the book and discussion over lunch in the film. De...
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