5 six guidelines for eating habits 1 comes from usda 2

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Unformatted text preview: r any excessive to be consistent 5. Need to be careful, because injury may happen 6. After type of excessive is picked, duration is needed 4. Duration 1. Period of time in which a person works out 2. In order to improve, must work out harder than usual, so following two rules ap p l y 3. If you work out at high intensity, do that at shorter duration 4. Lower intensity, higher duration 5. Frequency 1. Must exercise at least three types a week 6. Risks and benefits of exercise 1. Must be healthy to start an exercise program 2. Exercise puts a strain on your heart; it could be dangerous if you have a preexisting heart condition 3. Strain that you put on your heart during exercise causes your heart to strengthen 4. Also reduces heart rate, as more blood is pushed out from each exercise, 5. Blood pressure goes down, improves posture, and helps reduce extra weight 6. Also helps to prevent injuries 7. Improves muscles, ligaments, and tendons 8. Three types of strength exercise 9. Isometric exercises: distance or length of muscle stays the same, meaning that you use your muscles, but the object your working with doesn't, i.e. planking and push ups 10. Isotonic: Mass that your moving stays the same, but length of muscle changes as you move it, i.e. your moving a fixed mass 11. Isokinetic: combination of isometric and isotonic exercises 12. Important to have a period of warming up and cooling down 1. Warming up helps the body prepare for a work out 2. Cooling down helps get rid of lactic acid that builds up in your muscles 7. Sleep 1. Allows body to recover from the days activities 2. Allows you to process what happens during the day 3. Body repairs itself...
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