Brain 1 is important 2 is control center of the body 3

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Unformatted text preview: TWO THINGS That ARE THINGS, known as adrenalin 7. Reproductive (ovary in females estrogen and progesterone, for males testis which make testosterone) 1. Finished studying the body in detail 1. Eat to bring food into the digestive system, which breaks it down into pieces which are usable in the body 2. Circulatory system brings these usable pieces to the cells in order to carry out the activities of life. 3. Excretory system gets rid of what we do not use. 4. Food in very important, is why we need to have the correct attitude about it. 1. Eating is another way to bring glory to God. 1. 2. 3. 4. Eat with a thankful heart Thankful Heart Correct thought about food Food should not be the primary focus of a Christian Life 1. Appetite 1. Desire for food 1. Hunger 1. Philological mechanism alerting one of the need of food. 2. With the proper attitude, good decisions can be made when making good choices and we can avoid sin. 1. Gluttony 1. Practice the over consumption of food. 2. A Christian should be careful to choose foods that do not harm his or her body 1. Nutrition 1. The study of food and how it affects health 2. Nutrients are molecules that are necessary for life 3. Essential nutrients are water, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids. 1. Calorie 1. Is the amount of energy that will raise one gram of water one degrees Celsius 2. One Calorie is equal to 1000 calories 1. Water 1. Is a very important nutrient 2. Over 60% of your body weight is water 3. Provides six functions 1. Protects organ linings 2. Helps regulate body temperature. 3. Water lubricates joints 4. Transport nutrients 5. Water helps to removes wastes 6. Water is used to digest food 1. Carbohydrates 1. Nutrients that supply energy 2. Examples include sugars and starches 3. Carbohydrates create energy, can be easily broken down into glucose monomers 1. Protein 1. Provides amino acids 2. Can be broken down in order to provide energy 3. Better used for their individual amino acids 4. When amino acids are put together, human body makes it's own proteins 5. Proteins provide structure, carry out metabolism, and make antibodies, among other things 1. Fats Also known as lipids Contain over double the amount of calories than Carbohydrates or Protein Help insolate the body Protect and cushion vital organs They are used to transport certain vitamins Two types of fat 1. Saturated Fats 1. Solid a...
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