Fat soluble 1 can be dissolved in fat 2 examples

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Unformatted text preview: rom eating 2. Crash dieting can cause a weakened metabolism 3. Makes it harder to lose weight 4. Effective dieting takes time, patience, and determination 5. Lifestyle change of healthy eating coupled with a more active lifestyle will lead to permanent weight loss. 5. Six guidelines for eating habits 1. Comes from USDA 2. Eat a variety of foods 1. Need foods from many different sources 3. Maintain idea weight 1. Keep metabolism high 2. Eat six small meals 4. Avoid too much saturated fat and cholesterol. 5. Eat food with a adequate amount of starch and fiber 1. Need 25- 30 g day 6. Avoid too much sugar 1. Krispy Kream Donuts and Cinibun are evil 7. Avoid too much sodium 1. Recommended daily allowance is 1- 3 grams a day (11000- 13000 a day) Physical Fitness sical Fitness 1. Defined as the ability to complete each day's activity with energy and alertness, to participate in the things you enjoy with vigor, and to respond to strenuous activates or emergencies with undo stress. 1. Five components of fitness 1. Components of Fitness 2. Cardio Repertory Fitness 1. Measure of the ability of the heart, lungs, and blood vesicles, to efficiently supply oxygen to the blood cells. 2. The more efficiently your heart works, the fewer times it will have to pump to push blood through your body. 3. Target Heart Rate 1. Heart rate you should maintain during aerobic exercise. 2. Reason for this is you want to achieve a certain amount of overload. 3. If you maintain this for twenty to thirty minutes, this will increase fitness 4. Good aerobic exercises 1. Running, walking, swimming, etc. 3. Muscular Strength 1. This is the measure of ability of the muscles to exert force 4. Muscular Endurance 1. Measure of the ability to exert force many times 5. Flexibility 1. Measure of the ability to bend joints and stretch muscles through a full range of motion 2. Helps to prevent injury, improve posture, and increase performance 6. Body Composition 1. The ratio of body fat to muscle 2. Optimum range- 21- 23 for women, 22- 24 for men 3. Acceptable ranges- 19.1- 27.3 for women, 20.7- 27.8 for men 4. Overweight ranges- above 27.3 for women, above 27.8 for men 1. Training Program 1. A training program is an organized list of work that one does to get fit 2. There are four components that determine success 3. Type of exercise 1. First want to decide on fitness goals you want to achieve 2. Then, do exercises to achieve this goal 3. This is called specificity 4. Fo...
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