Adrain what is everyone trying to kill me danny nate

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Unformatted text preview: ng trouble reacting to the hard hit and my digestive system is all messed up from the kung fu chop from her. ( Points at Sophie madly). Nate- Don’t worry adrain your stomach just exploded and your head is messed up Danny- You’ll just vomit uncontrollably you big baby. Nate- He will die if his liver or stomach stops working. Sophie- and your point is ..... That he could die so hurry lets get him to the hospital (adrian starts dying). Adrian - Pika * choking noises * pika Next scene: Nate {Doctor) - Nurse we need to save him start his heart rate is rapidly dropping Nurse - Isn’t that part of the circulatory system Doctor - yes but that doesn’t matter now look at him Adrian - Woof ( he barks weakly ) Doctor- Get the heart pumping so the blood vessels from the Artery, veins, and Capillaries start flowing. Nurse- we just got news that the hits damaged his Respiratory system including his lungs, Pharynx, Larynx and Trachea Doctor- my God his heart just stopped Nurse- here’s the defibulator Doctor - Thankyou , clear Adrian- (gets shocked) Doctor - clear Adrian They willl ( zap ) never (za...
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