Danny in mark 8 36 jesus said what good is it

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Unformatted text preview: thing you didn’t damage your Excretory system. Like your Kidney and bladder. Doctor- You need to go into surgery to fix your Integumentary system like your skin and nails. Also we need to fix your stomach and your Nervous system. Next scene: Doctor- You're welcome we fixed your body but remember you have to it was God who saved you thanks to allowing the perfect immune system he gave you through your parents. Adrian- Thank you. CAN I PLAY FOOTBALL NOW. Doctor- you have to keep up your physical fitness like Muscular strength, Muscular endurance, and Flexibility and……………. Danny - No you need a Physical trainer to get you in shape now but my cousin D’rell can hook you up with that for sure. Sophie- You also need to eat right. Doctor- Make sure you set a weight program and eat the right foods that are healthy and a balance of the major food groups like fruits, vegetables, proteins carbs and dairy. Danny- make sure you always get sleep because it is important for your body to rest from that days work. Doctor- Remember that there are risk and benefits to all exercises make sure you don’t test your self too hard. Adrain- Well that is the end( They never found dannys body ever again.) Danny - wait hold up why am i dead Adrain - ( shoots me in the face ) Danny - crumple to the floor Lola - makes sure we get an A...
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