essay 2 --cause effect

essay 2 --cause effect - Freddie Miller Cause-Effect Essay...

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Freddie Miller Cause-Effect Essay 2 February 26, 2007 Imagine being born into a world of worst case scenarios. This would be a world where there is no hope, and even if there were, it could not be achieved, because in a world of no hope there will never be any spontaneous miracles and the amazing will not happen. This world exists and it is known as Africa, where infants contract HIV/AIDS from their mothers. If they avoid it, they acquire it from friends or another family member. African children who become infected by HIV/AIDS are victims to hunger and poverty, have little or no schooling, and receive substandard health care systems. Of the many tribulations created by HIV/AIDS, the first that should be considered is how this problem affects the hunger and poverty of the African children. When the children are born with HIV/AIDS, they have caught it from their mothers. Before and after birth, mothers and babies develop expensive medical needs. With the mother sick the burden of supporting the family falls on the man of the house. These men work desperately to support their families and spend the last of their money on the survival of the mom and baby, or possibly the other children. With all of the family’s money being funneled away from the father, he cannot afford health care for himself. The fathers end up becoming too sick to continue working and supporting the family. Then with no other
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essay 2 --cause effect - Freddie Miller Cause-Effect Essay...

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