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essay 3 comparrison contrast sucks horrible

essay 3 comparrison contrast sucks horrible - Freddie...

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Freddie Miller Comparison-Contrast Essay 3 In today’s day in age I consider myself lucky to grow up in a household with a mother and father who have still been able to stay together. Although when I was younger I often took this situation for granted. If my parents were both asked to describe me with one word, they would most likely agree on the word rebellious. While other kids were obedient and respectful to their parents’ knowledge and guidance, I found faults and manipulated my own innovative style in to doing what my parents thought was best. Sadly enough my rebellious nature never blossomed a good father/son relationship. Even at times when I was not rebellious, I considered my father uninteresting, outdated, and nerdy. If I was being rebellious, no middle ground with him would ever be found, compromising was just out of the picture. Once my mother kindly asserted, the reason why my father and I do not get along and why we argue with no conclusion is because we are so similar. I could not believe my mom would say such a thing and her statement never left the forefront of my thought process. The same statement even became a driving factor to motivate me to be as different from my father as possible. As time went on and examples of why I am not going to be like this and I am not going to like that accumulated. Eventually my rebellious nature of not wanting to be like my father went away and I began to live my life. Maturity finally found its way into my life and the long awaited rebuilding stages in terms of out relationship finally begun. Today my father and
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I have found that we have a lot in common and our similarities revolve around our interests in life.
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