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Miller 1 Freddie Miller Mrs. Shue Essay 1-Short Story English 1102-202 2/04/2004 It can be said that people change their personality, likes, and dislikes in an attempt to find happiness. This happiness can be found in many different places. Specifically, it can be found in relationships between significant others. In an attempt to develop success in these circumstances, one can convince themselves to like what the other likes and mimic the other’s personality. Being as similar to the significant other as possible can provide a number of benefits, but most importantly, attention and an opportunity that could not otherwise be gained. It allows for something better. In Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use,” Dee Johnson changes her personality by observing a cultural heritage, with the intentions of incubating a successful relationship with her significant other. Heritage is a term which refers to anything that arrives by means of birth or inheritance. In the case of Dee Johnson, the question arises, over whether Dee’s observance of this said heritage is indeed true to her family’s roots, or if it is just another trend in her life. Being that references are made to Dee attending college in Augusta, the obvious implication regarding age exists (Walker 105). Since the last time Dee saw her mother, she has changed her name to Wangero Leewanika Kermanjo concluding her former name, a family name, glorifies oppression on her race by white people (Walker 107). If Dee was truly passionate about her cultural heritage, a conversation based on the
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Miller 2 origin of Dee’s name would have originated in earlier days. Or even deeper, the name
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Everyday Use - Miller 1 Freddie Miller Mrs Shue Essay...

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