History Markets manhood and minorities Outline

Spanish american war 1898 1 why cuba a protectorate

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Unformatted text preview: . Labor responds 1. Unionization 2. Working conditions 3. Railroad Strike, 1877 4. Haymarket Square, 1886 5. Pullman, 1894 Imperialism and Market Expansion A. Theories (reading 111) 1. Overproduction 2. Alfred Mahan, Influence of Sea Power 3. Civilization and Imperialism a. Hawaii (Annex Hawaii July, 1898) b. Asia (Open Door Notes, 1899) c. Latin America and Caribbean B. Spanish American War, 1898 1. Why Cuba? a. Protectorate (Cuban War of Independence) (reconcentration camps) b. Markets 2. Manhood (McKinley) 3. Splendid Little War, April 1898- July 1898 d. USS Maine,...
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