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History Markets manhood and minorities Outline

What is whiteness 3 chinese exclusion a why the

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Unformatted text preview: (Reading 102) 3. Progress and Poverty, Henry George (Reading 104) 4. Social Gospel (Walter Rauschenbusch) (reading 106) Crisis of Manhood and barbarian virtues A. Market Manhood B. The new Masculine body 1. Nativism: Whiteness of a different color 2. What is whiteness? 3. Chinese Exclusion a. Why the Chinese? i. Burlingame Treaty ii. White rights b. Exclusion Act, 1882 4. Ethnic White immigration 5. Nativism a. Anti- Catholicism (American Protective Association) b. State laws of ethnic distinction c. Immigration Restriction Acts Labor (Reading 103) A. Stats on growth of Industrialization (Power Point) B...
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