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Frederick Miller Art Appreciation MWF 1:00PM Professor Phillips Museum Project April 30, 2007 Among the many art museums in Atlanta, I feel like I narrowed my choices down to the best two for my Art Appreciation Museum Project. The first museum I chose was the Louvre exhibit at the High Museum of Art in Midtown. After visiting the High Museum I became compelled to search for the perfect art museum. I wanted to find one where every single exhibit interested and amazed me. After searching I found the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University. Both museums were simply amazing to me and the experience and the knowledge I gained from my visits will last a life time. The first museum I visited was the Louvre Atlanta at the High Museum of Art. The Louvre exhibit, when I visited was featuring, “Year One: The Royal Collections.” This museum is located in the midtown section of Atlanta. Based on the location, design of the building, and overall theme this museum not only caters to tourism but alao to the avid art lover. One of the best examples of this is when you purchase your admission ticket you are provided with a headset which provides information about every piece of art in the building. This improves the overall experience because the art takes on a completely different beauty after learning about it. The High Museum of Art is a beautiful work of architecture. At first glance at the outside of the museum, the amazement of the beauty is striking. Immediately your eyes are directed at upward at the white tiled building. The gorgeous walkways and the clean landscape give the impression that this is a very nice, classy museum. After walking a little bit further you begin to notice the elegant glass-enclosed walkways which connect the buildings together. The High Museum consists of three different buildings. The first is an administrative building with a little restaurant and bar, the second and third buildings are for exhibitions. After doing a little research and interviewing, it was learned that the architecture was designed by architect of Genoa, Italy. So it would be easy to assume that the theme of the architecture of the High Museum is of a modern Italian theme. The museum is beautiful though with it being made of white paneling and
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musuem project - Frederick Miller Art Appreciation MWF...

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