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Research Assignment immigration reform - Freddie Miller...

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Freddie Miller Current Events Issue Paper April 11, 2007 Intro. To American Govt. The United States of America is home to many different races and ethnic backgrounds of people. There are many reasons why our country is diverse, one of the main reasons is the “American Dream,” immigrants come to seek their piece of the pie. Desperate to obtain this dream, immigrants leave behind their belongings, friends, or even members of their family. While some apply for citizenship and enter our country legally, others devise schemes to illegally cross our borders. The Department of Homeland Security reports that over 408,000 people cross our borders illegally each year (Wikipedia Illegal). The majority of these illegal border crossings are across our southern border from Mexico into Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California (Wikipedia US- Mexico). Some illegal immigrants subject themselves to “coyotes,” people assisting or smuggling large quantities of illegal immigrants at one time, other methods include digging tunnels, crossing rivers, or running across the deserts (Wikipedia US-Mexico). As these illegal immigrants race to cros our borders the problem has become increasingly severe with the responsibility of fixing it falling into the hands of the President. In order to control the problem of illegal immigration President Bush has created a program for comprehensive immigration reform. The first key element in containing the illegal immigration issue is securing our borders. The President is taking action to increase funding to the Border Patrol Agency so they can effectively enforce the laws of border protection. Portions of the funding have allowed for additional agents to be added to the force. In 2001, when President Bush was elected in office, roughly 9,000 border patrol agents were involved in the effort of
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fighting illegal immigration (White House Comprehensive). Since then, the Presidential funding has allowed for the Border Patrol Agency to build and train its staff to more than
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Research Assignment immigration reform - Freddie Miller...

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