underage drinking

underage drinking - Over ten years ago Daniel my classmate...

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Over ten years ago, Daniel, my classmate and one of my best friends, was shopping on beautiful Sunday afternoon in a small grocery shop. He did not expect then anything to happen, but right after he left the store, he got hit by a car, where few minutes later he passed away. The car that hit Daniel was driven by a teenager who was not only speeding over the limit, but also was under the influence of alcohol. Because of the young driver who was under the influence of alcohol many people lost their beloved friend and someone very special in their lives. This is only one example of misadventure situation that happens to people everyday and because of somebody's fault, innocent people have to suffer. Among many issues that the United States' population is disagreeing with, is the official alcohol consumption age. The legal drinking age in the United States must remain at age 21 in order for young people to become well educated, healthy and free from car accidents and crime. The United States must keep the legal drinking age at 21 because of the education and future careers of young people. These days, education is a very important part of everyone's lives, especially the youngest generation. It is necessary that young people will possess the right knowledge and become well educated in order to maintain the nation stability and success. However, many of them are at very hard age where education does not play prime role in their lives. A large number of young people are becoming addicted to alcohol and they do not think about their school, education and future careers. It is commonly known that college life is inseparable with alcohol use. Because of the surroundings that teenagers are in this part of their lives, they need to extremely cautious. Their whole future depends on it and in order to become well educated they need to focus on school and their studies rather than be prisoners of alcohol. Moreover, many young people, who are able to drink at early ages, drop out of school. According to article "A Snapshot of Annual High-Risk College Drinking Consequences", the main effects of consumption of alcohol among college students are that "About 25 percent of college students
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underage drinking - Over ten years ago Daniel my classmate...

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