core2-3 - psychological impact on me was Its Not about the...

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Nick Fernicola Core 2007 38 21 September 2007 Professor Schmid Journal #2 The Handmaids Tale is a very interesting read and contains many thought provoking statements. Personally one quotation which caught my attention was one from Offred when she stated, “I’m a cloud, congealed around a central object, the shape of a pear, which is hard and more real than I am and glows red within its translucent wrapping”. By saying this she demonstrates how she is not comfortable in her own skin as she once was. While looking at her body in the tub she remembers her body used to be apart of whom she was, but now it is as if her body’s only purpose is to carry a child. This shows how she has almost become brain washed. What once mattered to her and correlated with how she thought of herself is no more, it is just s if she’s believes she’s a vesicle to give birth. The one book that I have read which had a tremendous emotional and
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Unformatted text preview: psychological impact on me was Its Not about the Truth, by Don Yaeger and Mike Pressler. The book is about the duke lacrosse team and the rape allegations they faced. The book showed in great detail how the team members and coaches were almost thrown under the bus by their school, administrators, faculty, and elected officials. A form of almost reverse stereotyping occurred that these rich white kids probably raped this stripper. The book is an easy read and gives a great image and feel of what the players and coaches faced. The book’s strongest message was that there was presumed guilt and that you should always standup for the truth. It is absolutely incredible how your life can change just because of what someone else says and to me that is very scary. Especially as a NCAA lacrosse player I understand what not being able to play feels like, and having fun is not worth ruining your life....
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core2-3 - psychological impact on me was Its Not about the...

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