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chapter 7 - Process departmentalization is when similar...

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Chapter 7 Chapter seven in the text deals with organizational structures. In these types of structures there are five essential building blocks to use so that the managers can use these organization structures. Being able to divide the labor equally throughout the business in the number one building block in the designing of this structure. Without dividing the labor through the business chances are the work will not be able to get done efficiently. Departmentalization is the second building block used to create a strong organizational. This has to do with joining similar assignments or tasks together so it is easy to deal with problems that may occur in like situations. These can be grouped not only in the job, but also in the product. If a business makes many different items, then ones that are similar would be grouped together.
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Unformatted text preview: Process departmentalization is when similar processes are done to make the products being made. It can also be done based on what kind of customers is dealt with or where the job is being done. It’s all up to the manager depending on how exactly he or she wants the business to be run, but by doing this with a business and work often flows much better. If the business is not running as planned a manager can choose to reengineer the business. This is done to redesign the processes in which the business operates. These helps lower costs, and boost the products’ attractiveness to consumers. Running a business to its best effect is a huge. A manager needs to be able maximize his skills as well as his employees’ skills. Using the organizational structures as a guide a manager can do this best....
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