PSY 101 Lecture 10-21-11

Multiphasic personality inventory inventory

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Unformatted text preview: lf • self as the executive part of one’s personality • the sense of being “I” or “me” Humanistic Perspective Humanistic unconditional positive regard: acceptance of a person’s basic worth regardless of whether their behavior pleases or suits us conditional positive regard: valuing a person only when the person’s behavior meets certain expectations or standards Personality Tests Personality Phrenology: the view that one can judge a person’s character and mental abilities by measuring the bumps on his or her head Objective Personality Scales Objective Answer a series of question about self • ‘I am easily embarrassed’ T or F • ‘I like to go to parties’ T or F Assumes that you can accurately report There are no right or wrong answers From responses, develop a picture of you called a ‘personality profile’ Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Inventory Most widely used personality instrument • Now the MMPI ­ 2 Clinical & Employment settings Measures aspects of personality that, if extreme, suggest a problem • e.g., extreme suspiciousness Long test ‑ 567 questions Characteristics of the MMPI‑2 Characteristics Has several different scales (multiphasic) Scales thought to measure different kinds of psychological disorders • e...
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