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Personality the

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Unformatted text preview: nctual impulses Ego: attempts to balance the instinctual demands of the id with social realities and expectations Superego: corresponds to an internal moral guardian or conscience The Structure of Personality The pleasure principle: a governing principle of the id that is based on demands for instant gratification without regard to social rules or customs reality principle: the governing principle of the ego that takes into account what is practical and acceptable in satisfying basic needs Defense Mechanisms Defense reality­distorting strategies of the ego to prevent awareness of anxiety­evoking or troubling ideas or impulses Stages of Personality Development Stages personality develops through 5 psychosexual stages of development • Determined by how the child seeks physical pleasure from sexually sensitive parts of the body ­ erogenous zones • Fixations: personality traits or behavior patterns characteristics of the particular stage Stages of personality development Stages Stages • • • • • Oral Anal Phallic Latency Genital Stages of Personality Development Stages Oral Stage (0­1 year) primary erogenous zone is the mouth • oral stimulation provides sexual gratification and needed nourishment • oral fixations too much gratification: smoking, nail biting, alcohol abuse, overeating too little gratification: passivity, clinging dependence, pessimistic outlook Stages of Personality Development Stages Anal Stage (1­3 years) primary erogenous zone is the anal cavity • The child achieves sexual pleasure through the purposeful retention and release of bowel contents • anal fixations anal retentive personality: perfectionism and extreme need for self control, orderliness, cleanliness, and neatness anal­expulsive personality: messiness, lack of self­discipline, and carelessness Stages of Personality Development Stages Phallic Stage (3­6 years) erogenous zone shifts to the phallic region (penis and clitoris) • Oe...
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