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Doexplainwhythecompanyisdoingwell orotherwise

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Unformatted text preview: eholders DO continuously stay informed DO acknowledge perfomance in word and deed all the time. DO explain why the company is doing well or otherwise. Do’s and Don’ts Do’s and Don’ts DO NOT become politically involved­if you do then ruling party only DO NOT borrow locally as interest rates have soared to 1000% per annum DO NOT buy inputs and spare parts internally if you have a choice. Inflation is currently running at 782% per annum makes local inputs expensive DO NOT engage in shortcuts, graft and business malpractices DO NOT engage in high profiling Communication Communication Most business interaction is done verbally on telephones and cell phones Meetings are recognized as the more formal way of business interaction and communications Correspondences in the form of emails, internet and formal letters are also recognized Non verbal communications not encouraged or appreciated Communication Communication Etiquette is very important especially when relating to older individuals Effective communication critical in a dynamic and...
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