Youve been asked to watch kenneth branaghs version

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Unformatted text preview: ns… For the Storytellers Severus Snape, er, Alan Rickman as Hamlet This play has been performed in countless ways, both as live theatre and filmed for the big screen. You’ve been asked to watch Kenneth Branagh’s version with ‘director’s glasses’ – with an eye on what Kenny does well and what he could have done better. So, if you were the director, how would you produce this play? Here’s an opportunity to ‘stage’ your own production… • Dumb Show and/or Tableaux (see pages ix, 118, 252 ­253 in your text…or ask me): significant scene or scenes • Live Action: significant scene or scenes (monologues and/or group scenes) • Cinematic Magic: significant scene or scenes • Condensed Milk: consider distilling the entire play down to its essence and use any of the above formats to present, for example, a 15 ­minute Hamlet – think...
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