FMGT450Assesment&Forecasting_Personal Budget Assignment

This project really made me aware of my spending

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Unformatted text preview: my spending habits as I learned how poorly I did in some areas i.e. my savings. By recording my spending helped me to not only do better but also to predict what my future budgets will look like. The role as a Facilities Manager, you have to work with multiple and very large budgets. This exercise is perfect as it helps you to manage and predict a budget based on your own personal budget. Week One and Two Personal Budget Week 1 1. Income a. Take-home pay (Wages and tips) 3 $398.00 b. Additional income (Parents, side business etc.) Total income $170.00 $568.00 2. Expenses a. Transportation (Car-note, gas, insurance, tolls, parking etc.) b. Necessities (Groceries, phone bill, prescriptions, etc.) c. Meals, travel, and entertainment d. School Needs (Books, supplies etc.) e. Debt payments (Credit cards, student loans, etc.) f. Savings g. Miscellaneous (Other unique expenses not covered) Total expenses $441.00 $34.00 $28.00 $24.00 $0.00 $0.00 $90.00 $617.00 3. Bottom Line Income minus expense...
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