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Excess carriers generation and recombination 1 2 3 4

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Unformatted text preview: ombination 1.  2.  3.  4.  Optical absorption Excess carriers Generation and recombination Quasi Fermi level Non-Equilibrium Carriers Understand how shinning light on a semiconductor changes carrier dynamic •  Revisit Mass Action Law •  Revisit Fermi level: Effect of shining light on energy band diagram n≠n0 p≠p0 EE 332 Spring 2013 Recall: Thermal Equilibrium Case Recall: Thermal Equilibrium Case THERMAL THERMAL RTHERMAL G G RTHERMALRTHERMAL 2 2 2 n0 p0 rrn0ip0 rrn0i p0 r ni n n THERMAL ECE 440: ECE 440: Mohamed Mohamed Mohamed Mohamed ECE 440: EE 332 Spring 2013 Mohamed Mohamed Shining Shinning Light LIGHT light Generation rate is not equal to recombination rate! Silicon Optical Generation rate GLIGHT units : Shining a light creates Excess Electron-hole pair (EHP) 1 cm3 sec n p Another notion for EHP in your book: YIELDS n p ECE 440: Mohamed Mohamed EE 332 Spring 2013 Photogeneration Optical Absorption of Semiconductor EE 332 Spring 2013 Optical Absorption vs. Wavelength Optical Absorption vs. Wavelength Opt...
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