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Unformatted text preview: band: Q doped with 5x1014 donors A Steady State Carrier Generation 4x1014 accepto Si sampleuasi Fermi Levels and light and 1013 electron-hole pair/cm3 are created every m minority carrier concentration with steady-state o n n nillumination STEP 1: D A ni N N n0 D p14 po3 p 2.25 A N N 4 10 / cm p0 1013 EHP STEP 2: Given Gop find EHP: 3 cm . s heck if low level injection holds. Low level holds since p n is less than the majority carrier doping (no) p po p 2.25 10 2 ECE 440: i Mohamed Mohamed n p 4 1 p n gop . p p n g 20 2 10 EE 33213 Spring 2013 Quasi-Fermi Levels Quasi-Fermi Level n ⋅ p = NC NV e − Eg / kT e ( FN −FP ) / kT 2 ( FN −FP ) / kT i =n e EE 332 Spring 2013 Typical Typical Problems Problems 3 Types of Problem: LIGHT Draw Energy Band diagram 1. Given GLIGHT Find p & n 2. Given Silicon n Find n,p & GLIGHT Draw Energy Band diagram 3. Given Energy Band diagram find n and GLIGHT ECE 440: Mohamed Mohamed EE 332 Spring 2013 Problem Solving Flow: Problem Solving Flow: Get: 1. Solve equilibrium electron (no) and hole (po) density before light is shone (Glight...
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