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Lecture3 Atoms Electrons and Bonding

Among these experiments were the following ee 332

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Unformatted text preview: mber of experiments showed that classical mechanics was not a good model for processes on the very small scale. Among these experiments were the following………. EE 332 Spring 2013 Particle Nature of Light •  •  •  Light passed through two slits clearly shows an interference pattern. This means that light must be treated as a wave. However, light hitting a metal surface causes the ejection of an electron, which indicates a particle nature for light. Further, it was found that the energy of the ejected electrons depends only on the frequency of the incident light and not the intensity of light. Thus there seems to be duality ! EE 332 Spring 2013 Wave Nature of Electrons •  Electrons passed through two slits clearly show an interference pattern but they had clearly been found to be particles. Duality again ! EE 332 Spring 2013 Quantized Orbitals for Electrons •  •  In 1911, Rutherford established that atoms were made of ‘solid’ core of protons and neutron surrounded by a much larger shell of electrons. However, classic electromagnetism combined with classical...
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