Lecture3 Atoms Electrons and Bonding

Eric pop binary ii vi compounds zns znse znte

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Unformatted text preview: GaSb, InP, InAs, InSb (photodetectors) Illinois ECE440 Prof. Eric Pop • Binary II-VI Compounds – ZnS, ZnSe, ZnTe (fluorescence), CdS, CdSe, CdTe (photodetector) • Ternary and Quaternary Compounds EE 332 Spring 2013 Silicon Atom Silicon (Si) Atomic orbitals – Rutherford-Bohr EE 332 Spring 2013 Purify Silicon From Sand 1. React SiO2 with C in furnace at 1800°C to reduce SiO2 SiO2 + 2C –> Si + 2CO Metallurgical grade silicon (MGS): Fe, Al and heavy metals at 100s-1000s parts per million. 2. React MGS with dry HCl, separate SiHCl3, react with H2 Si + 3HCl –> SiHCl3 + H2 2SiHCl3 + 2H2 –> 2Si + 6HCl Electronic grade silicon (EGS): Impurities are at a few parts per billion. Consume energy emit CO2 Purity of “nine nines” (99.9999999%) EE 332 Spring 2013 EE 332 Semiconductor Materials and Devices Lecture 3. Atoms, Electrons, and Bonding 1.  2.  3.  Quantum mechanics Bonding in solids Formation of energy bands and gap EE 332 Spring 2013 Some History – Atoms and Electrons •  Early 1900s set the stage for quantum mechanics. A nu...
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