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Ee 332 spring 2014 b redraw the bonding model for insb

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Unformatted text preview: 14 (b) Redraw the bonding model for InSb showing the insertion of Si atoms into the missing In and Sb atom sites. (c) Is the InSb doped p- or n-type when Si atoms replace In atoms? Explain. (d) Is the InSb doped p- or n-type when Si atoms replace Sb atoms? Explain. EE 332 Spring 2014 (e) Draw the energy band diagram for InSb when InSb is doped with Si on (i) In sites and (ii) on Sb sites. 4. Assume that a perfect GaAs has gone through a hypothetical processing so that all Ga and As atoms are completely and randomly mixed and redistributed yet all inter-atomic distances have been kept the same. Do you expect that this hypothetical GaAs is direct or indirect material? Why? What kind of crystal structure is it now, a diamond or zinc blende? Would it become n-type or p-type if it is doped with selenium?...
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