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Math 120 SP08 Brodnick Section 2.3 Practice Applications of Matrices Directions : For each of the following scenarios, set up a system of equations and solve it with a matrix. Hints : *Define your variables – what do they stand for? *Each total needs an equation set equal to it. *Each connection/relationship needs an equation. *Setting up a table might help… 1. One group of customers bought 8 deluxe hamburgers, 6 orders of large fries, and 6 large colas for $26.10. A second group ordered 10 deluxe hamburgers, 6 large fries, and 8 large colas and paid $31.60. A third group purchased 3 deluxe hamburgers, 2 large fries, and 4 large colas for $10.95. Determine the price of each item. 2. FoodPerfect Corporation manufactures three models of the Perfect Foodprocessor. Each Model X processor requires 30 minutes of electrical assembly, 40 minutes of mechanical assembly, and 30 minutes of testing; each Model Y requires 20 minutes of electrical assembly, 50 minutes of mechanical assembly, and 30 minutes
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