Week 3 Criminal Law

Review of mental states purpose knowing reckless

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Unformatted text preview: at his conduct is of that nature or such circumstances exist, practically certain result 3. Recklessly: consciously disregards substantial and unjustifiable risk Case: Expose victims to HIV on purpose? See the Discussion Board for full coverage of this item. Review of Mental States Purpose Knowing Reckless Negligent Case: Did D “knowingly” assault with knife? See the textbook and prepare a case summary: 1. Facts 2. Legal issues 3. Holding Case: Did D kill wife recklessly or negligently? Koppersmith v. State (Ala.App. 1999): murder of wife. Argument, wife fell off porch, he “slung” her, head up and down, slamming it, D didn’t know bricks on ground, wife punched at him. Testimony about his intent – not intent to harm, hurt. Statute: manslaughter--recklessly cause death of another v. criminally negligent homicide– cause death by negligence Strict Liability Liability without fault: no blameworthiness. Public health and safety. Car manufacturers, food safety, mining – industrial revolution. Encourage safety, protect public danger, disease, poisonous fumes, products. Penalties are low – fines Deterrent effect? Case: Open bottle law = Strict liability? State v. Loge (Minn. 2000): unlawful for driver to keep open bottle in vehicle. D testified been drinking, PO found open bottle, passed field sobriety. Court fo...
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