Homozygous other inheritance patterns codominance

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Unformatted text preview: us dominant. homozygous Other Inheritance Patterns Codominance Incomplete Dominance Lethals Polygenic Inheritance Environment and the Phenotype Pleiotropy Codominance ~ both alleles for a gene are fully expressed, as opposed to one masking the other. Incomplete dominance Incomplete phenotype of the heterozygote will be phenotype intermediate between the phenotypes of the two homozygotes. two Lethals Lethals Polygeneic Inheritance Polygeneic Multiple genes converge to Multiple result in a single single phenotype phenotype Each dominant allele is Each additive to the overall phenotype. phenotype. The more dominant alleles The a person has, the darker the skin color the genotype - genetic make-up phenotype - observable traits phenotype = genotype +environment Nature vs. Nurture Concept Pleiotropy When one gene has more than one effect. Mendel: seed coat color was always associated with specific flower and axil colors. Reflects the fact that most proteins have multiple roles in distinct cell types Any genetic change that alters gene expression or function can potentially have wide-ranging effects in a variety of tissues Pigmentation and Deafness in Cats Approx. 40% of cats with white fur and blue eyes are deaf (Hartl & Jones, 2005). White cats with one blue eye and one yellow eye were deaf only on the blue-eyed side. The gene responsible affects pigmentation and the ability to hear. Possibly related to lack of ear canal fluid...
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