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Unformatted text preview: be factored out of every term in the expression. Warning: Don't make the mistake of thinking that "factoring" means "dividing something off and making it magically disappear". Remember that "factoring" means "dividing out and putting in front of the parentheses". Nothing "disappears" when you factor; things merely get rearranged. Factor 3x – 12. The only thing common between the two terms (that is, the only thing that can be divided out of each term and then moved up front) is a "3". So I'll factor this number out to the front: 3x – 12 = 3( ) When you divide the "3" out of the "3x", you are left with only the "x" remaining. Put that "x" as my first term inside the parentheses: 3x – 12 = 3(x ) When you divide the "3" out of the "–12", you are left with a "–4" behind, so put that in the parentheses, too: 3x – 12 = 3(x – 4) The final answer is: 3(x – 4) Fac...
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