Get a map of the museum you will spend most of your

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Unformatted text preview: nment. Get a map of the museum. You will spend most of your time on the fourth floor. Go to the Wallach Orientation Center on the 4th floor (near Café on 4). Get a copy of the yellow handout, How to Use These Halls and read it. Watch the orientation film (narrated by Meryl Streep) on vertebrate evolution. The film also explains the layout of the fossil halls, which are based on a cladogram of vertebrate evolution. Go through all the halls of fossil vertebrates; try to follow the cladogram on the floor. At the Primitive Mammals hall, watch the film on mammalian evolution and examine the displays. As you go through the halls and watch the films, answer the relevant assignment questions. When you are done with the 4th floor halls, proceed to the Hall of Human Origins on the 1st floor and answer the relevant assignment questions. When you are done with the assignment, and if you have time, visit The Hall of Biodiversity on the 1st floor. Examine the displays and videos on the different groups of organisms. Also visit The Hall of Ocean Life on the 1st floor. Focus on the displays just to the left and to the right of the hall entrance on marine vertebrates and invertebrates, and how th...
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