View the videos on marine organisms throughout the

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Unformatted text preview: ey live. View the videos on marine organisms throughout the hall. DO NOT INCLUDE THIS SHEET WHEN SUBMITTING YOUR ASSIGNMENT 1 STAPLE YOUR MUSEUM ADMISSION TICKET HERE Your name: Principles of Biology II AMNH Field Trip Report Your lab section number: Your lab instructor’s name: The main aim of this assignment is to help you become more familiar with the principles of cladistics and phylogeny by examining the evolution of the vertebrates. We would also like for you to learn more about the vertebrates themselves, and specific aspects of their evolution. In the process, we hope the museum displays fill you with awe, fascination, and excitement. Answer the questions below based on the information in the exhibits. Answer each question in the cell to the right of the question. Unless otherwise stated, each question is worth ½ point. This assignment is worth 20 points. Wallach Orientation Center and The Hall of Vertebrate Origins (4th Floor). In addition to watching the video, be sure to examine the sign at the entrance to the orientation center, as well as the displays within the orientation center, before moving on to the fossil...
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