What is the functional significance of the above

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Unformatted text preview: aurs? What is the functional significance of the above character? What character defines the saurischian dinosaurs? What character defines the ornithischian dinosaurs? To which group do birds belong: ornithischians or saurischians? Which group contains more carnivores: ornithischians or saurischians? How are carnivorous dinosaurs more likely to move: bipedally or quadrupedally? Halls of Mammals and Their Extinct Relatives (4th Floor) What character defines the synapsids? What is the functional significance of the above character? What was the most likely cause of the extinction of the early synapsids? What character defines the mammals (and is absent in other synapsids)? What is the advantage of placental reproduction compared to marsupial reproduction? What event 65 million years ago permitted the diversification of the mammals? Examine the extinct relatives of mammals with the sailfin backs. What were these organisms: synapsids or sauropsids? 3 Examine the large display on the evolution of the horses. What is the main message of the display as it compares the classic and revised views of horse evolut...
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