10.14.05 - 1) reproduction. (single cellular organism) 2)...

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Chloroplast endocytosis cyanobacteria Cyanobacteria became incorporated into cell (phlogenetic tree) Cell Nucleus House genetic blueprint for cell Surrunded by nuclear envelope Contain chromatids and nucleolus Acetabbularia Experiment Each acetabularia is a single cell (huge!) Tansplanted cell-plants Shows that the nucleus houses the genetic material Ribosomes 40% RNA, 60% Protein Rough has ribosomes Endomembrane System a continuum of membranes made or roche and smooth er How does the protein know where to go? - signal peptide from inside membrane - signal molecule attaches to that - protein is transferred
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cell theory Part 2: All cells came from other cells (Virchow) Function of cell division
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Unformatted text preview: 1) reproduction. (single cellular organism) 2) Repair and regeneration Cell division is one phase of the CELL CYCLE Remember, cell must pass along gentic information and guide development of new cell. Hereditary material-divided between several chromosomes within the nucleus-chromosome number is characteristic of a species (eg. Humans have 46)-chromosomes usualle occur in pairs ( diploid)-unpaired chromosomes in gametes are call haploid-chromatin : DNA and histones cell division s phase dna synthesis-prior to replication, one chrioosome = one dna molecule-after dna duplication, two sister chromatids, two dna molecules-each dna molecule splits apart into its two strands-each strand that G2 Phase growing more....
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10.14.05 - 1) reproduction. (single cellular organism) 2)...

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