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Unformatted text preview: f"meaning"   Methodological)considerations)   Meaning)is)hard)to)observe)   What)can)you)observe)about)meaning?)   Introspection,)selfLreport,)and)the)self0observer’s( think about your own thoughts paradox( may be wrong, we're biased   Direct)versus)indirect)measures) best when doing indirect measures, instrumental   Theories,)causal)models,)and)explanation)   Prediction)   Convergent)evidence) Embodied"simulation"hypothesis"   This)hypothesis)makes)a)testable)prediction)   Language)about)perceivable)things)or)performable)actions) should)interact)with)actual)perception)or)motor)control)in) contentLspecific)ways) if using systems, or parts of systems to make visual representations, using the same system to do other things - aught to interact with each other. visual characteristics and seeing things   For)instance,)when)you)read)a)sentence)about)an)object) that’s)implied)to)have)certain)visual)properties,)you)should) be)faster)to)identify)images)of)that)object)that)share)those) visual)properties.)) Visual"simulation" match The)carpenter)hammered)the)nail)into)the)floor.) mismatch The)carpenter)hammered)the)nail)into)the)wall.) match Stanfield & Zwaan. (2001). Psych Science. Visual"simulation" Stanfield & Zwaan. (2001). Psych Science. Visual"simulation" match ) )The)ranger)saw)the)eagle)in)the)sky) mismatch ) )The)ranger)saw)the)eagle)in)the)nest) match Stanfield & Zwaan. (2001). Psych Science. Visual"simulation" Zwaan et al. (2002). Psych Science. Visual"simulation" Up: )The(mule(climbed.) Down: )The(chair(toppled.)) Bergen, B., S. Lindsay, T. Matlock, and S. Narayanan. 2007. Spatial and linguistic aspects...
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