10.17.05 - of their requirements for life. -This Weeks Lab:...

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October 17, 2005 - eukaryotic cells have been on earth for 2+ yrs - Domain Eukarya o Animals (multicellular) o Fungi (m) o Plants (u) o Protozoa  heterotrophic ingestion Fungus like heterotrophic absorption Algae autotrophic photosynthesis - Unicellular protisgt is a cell funvtioning as an organism. - Parasitic and endosymbiotic protests depend on theis hosts to fulfill some 
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Unformatted text preview: of their requirements for life. -This Weeks Lab: o Study various unicellular protists Amoebas psuedopods false feet (eat via phagocytosis) Organism whose shells bear many pores. Shells made mostly from calcium carbonate Actinopoda ray foot Dinoflaggelate...
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