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3593_syll_FINAL - English 3593.01 Women Writers Spring 2008...

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English 3593.01 – Women Writers – Spring 2008 - 1 Tuesday nights 6:10-9 - 121 Allen Hall **Please read this syllabus very carefully, and make sure you're eager to be a dedicated, prompt, well-read, and enthusiastic member of this class. Each class is one week of the course . Because we meet only 14 times during the semester, every assignment must be handed in, on time, and you must be present, ready to discuss the reading, to pass the course. Late work cannot be accepted.** Professor: Dr. Emily Toth (rhymes with both) * Contact Information: E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected] * Office: Allen Hall 236-B. Office hours: Tues. 4-6, Wed. 4-6 and by appointment (best) or after class. * Suggested: Let E. Toth know if you want to come to office hours. Consultation after class is most welcome. * Our communications outside class will be by e-mail, sent to your LSU e-mail address unless you specify another. Please check your e-mail every day. * Class will take place unless LSU is closed. Announcements are posted to the LSU Web site, http://www.lsu.edu , recorded on the emergency hotline, 578-4636 or 1-800-516-6444, and made through the local and campus media. * Class deportment: Please turn off cell phones, beepers, and other gadgets, and put laptops and cell phones away. We need your complete attention, and people next to you will be grateful. Never ask a question covered in class handouts. REQUIRED BOOKS AND READINGS Rita Mae Brown, Rubyfruit Jungle Kate Chopin, Bayou Folk and A Night in Acadie Laura Esquivel, Like Water for Chocolate Susan Koppelman, ed., The Strange History of Suzanne LaFleshe and Other Stories of Women and Fatness Gloria Naylor, Women of Brewster Place Candace Ward, ed., Great Short Stories by American Women We will also be reading student-created handouts, and possibly other materials downloaded from the Internet. These will be announced in class. NOTE: If local bookstores and libraries run out of any of the books listed above, please order them for yourself immediately, either from stores or over the Net.. WHAT THIS COURSE IS ABOUT No matter the subject, women have written about it. We'll focus this semester on women’s fiction: novels and short stories. We’ll notice women’s wit and innovative thinking about love, justice, ambition, sex, food, motherhood, violence, racism, women loving women, and more. We’ll see how women characters in
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English 3593.01 – Women Writers – Spring 2008 - 2 fiction, and women in real life, create communities, express alternative values, mentor and police each other, and are eccentric, brave, thoughtful, imaginative, and hilarious. Our subjects are diverse and creative. We hope you are, too. COURSE REQUIREMENTS 1. Perfect Attendance. Please don't take this course if you can't attend every class. Every class = one week’s work; we meet only 14 times; and we need dedicated participants. Make sure that your friends, family, employers, pets, and significant others understand that this is your priority for 14 Tuesday nights.
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