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D no daughter of mine takes any exercise 2 a i

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Unformatted text preview: lated back into English). It’s important to have a precise and tight flow to the steps in your argument. 1. a. All my sons are slim b. No child of mine is healthy who takes no exercise. c. All gluttons, who are children of mine, are fat. d. No daughter of mine takes any exercise. 2. a. I despise anything that cannot be used as a bridge. b. Everything, that is worth writing an ode to, would be a welcome gift to me. c. A rainbow will not bear the weight of a wheelbarrow. d. Whatever can be used as a bridge will bear the weight of a wheelbarrow. e. I would not take, as a gift, a thing that I despise. 3. a. No shark ever doubts that he is well fitted out. b. A fish, that cannot dance a minuet, is contemptible. c. No fish is quite certain that it is well fitted out, unless it has three rows of teeth. d. All fishes, except sharks, are kind to children. e. No heavy fish can dance a minuet. f. A fish with three rows of teeth is not to be...
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