Exam 1 EDP - WHODELETEDTHIS ! ourgrade? * Cells

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WHO DELETED THIS? We get 1 point added to our exam grade­ woohoo! How do we get one point added to our grade? Because he gave it to the class for answering a bunch of qs right What does your name mean? *He seriously will ask this so you better know Cells: 100 billion stars in galaxy 100 billion neurons in brain 1 trillion cells in the body ^less than our national debt Every cell has an atom made of stardust Largest human cell: female ovum *I think you can also call it the female egg­ yes Smallest: sperm biggest sensual organ: Brain or Skin­­ NOT genitals per sq inch of body­ 19,000 sensory cells EQUIVALENCIES (Brownstein said we need to know these, add more if y’all have any) Clitoris and head of penis is made of the same nerve ending and tissue Shaft of the penis is made of the same thing as the inner lips (labia minora) Outer lips (labia majora) of the vagina fold down and make the scrotal sack Testes similar to ovaries circumcision - cutting of foreskin = cutting of clitoral hood foreskin = clitoral hood Spermatic cord/vas deferens=fallopian tubes A stretch, but maybe the Bartholin’s gland and Cowper’s gland as they both secrete a tiny drop or two of fluid before orgasm Spongy bodies of penis=vestibular bulbs Root of the penis=crura of the clitoris MALE (2) The testes: Key in testosterone release; sperm production; similar to ovaries in female Interstitial or Leydig’s cells: Found between the seminiferous tubules in the testicle, produce testosterone; androgen. Release hormones into blood. 1
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(2) Seminiferous tubules: Located in the testes, help produce sperm; size of a football field if stretched out; very tightly coiled (2) Epididymis: Coiled tube, connects each testicle to its vas deferens, helps store sperm, until they are ready for transport; surrounds testicles. Takes 70 days to mature to sperm cell, stored in epididymus. (2) Vas deferens: Transport sperm from the epididymis in anticipation of ejaculation, tube connecting from epididymis to ejaculatory duct (2) Seminal vesicles: Little tiny things near the prostate and ejaculatory duct, propel the sperm forward by flexing a muscle. 70% of semen mixture (1) Prostate gland: Function of the prostate is to secrete a slightly alkaline fluid, milky or white in appearance, usually consists 30% of the volume of semen to help neutralize the acidity of the vagina. (2) Cowper’s Glands: located on each side of the urethra right below the prostate gland. Alkaline; helps to lubricate the flow of semen and buffer acidity of the urethra; clear droplet that can form when aroused. Can occasionally contain live sperm cells. Semen: Alkaline mixture from cowpers, prostate and seminal vesicle to help sperm swim through acidic vagina Testosterone: Hormone which governs male sex drive and physique; what changes female to male in development; can measure levels through blood (2) Corpora cavernosa: cavernous bodies: Two large round pieces of tissue which inflate with blood to make the penis erect; also with clitoris
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Exam 1 EDP - WHODELETEDTHIS ! ourgrade? * Cells

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