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Unformatted text preview: Also said “Lord, make me abstinent BUT not yet!” 570 Birth of Mohammed: Quran ­Founded Islam ­Caba (temple) said to be built by Mohammed ­Muslims pray 5 times a day and face towards the Caba ­separate men and women in mosques, women wear burkas/hijab ­men allowed to have more than 1 wife ­urged to marry young 1225­1274 Thomas Aquinas: Raised the question of abortion. Ancient greek. A birth of a female was viewed as a birth error, hence people seeked to produce only males. A “pricey” visit to the priest could grant the permission to know the sex of the child, but ultimately for the permission of abortion. Money influence the priest decision. Called the “selling of indulgences.” 1233 Pope Gregory begins the Inquisition from 1450­1780 over 250,000 people executed: Lasted 500 years!!! Early Scientist were punished because of their discoveries. A prime example would be Galileo, who was put in house arrest until his death. Those who had sex outside of marriage would be punished. Often women would get caught, due to their unexpected pregnancies. 7 1456 First Printing Press: Improved literacy, and mass productions of bibles. 1518 Martin Luther: 95 theses on the Disputation for the Classification of the Power of Indulgences: Fell in love with a nun, and was not granted permission to marry, so he formed the Protestant church, and allowed for act of divorce and remarry. 1534 Henry VIII: Act of Supremacy: Defended Martin Luther, because he wanted a divorce. Henry the 8th used to be a part of the Catholic church. 1869 Pope Pius IX: life begins at conception. not allowed to get an abortion. (he can’t stop you though) 1872 Victoria Woodhull runs for President: Prostitute (“masseuse”) Befriended wealthiest man in America (Vanderbilt) Promoted female sexual freedom, called marriage a house of prostitution in newspapers she printed with her wealth 1873 Anthony Comstock: Act of Suppression of Trade in and Circulation of Obscene Literature and Articles of Immoral Use: Hated Woodhull, he was part of the church Passed the Articles of Immoral use law to keep her newspaper from being printed since they spoke of birth control Articles of Immoral Use means birth control, it was considered immoral and a sin and this law made it illegal 1883­1966 Margaret Sanger: Broke law outlying birth control Mother died after 18 pregnancies, she blamed her father and the Catholic Church for this Taught people how to use condoms and diaphragms, put in jail for these actions Started planned parenthood Tried to find better method of birth control, birth control pill discovered in 1960 1905 Havelock Ellis: 3 Contributions to the theory of sex: women have rights to sex, homosexuality and masturbation was healthy, and sex important in marriages 1947 Alfred Kinsey: Male Sexuality: took sexual stats let it be known the high level of sexuality in women. First to teach sexual education. 1960 US Approval of the birth control pill 8 1965 Griswald vs. Connecticut Supreme Court rules US co...
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