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Unformatted text preview: nstitution protects right of privacy, said amendments assume that right. Allows sale of birth control to a married couple. 1966 Masters and Johnson: Human Sexual Response Discovered the clitoris, and now every university teaches human sexuality. Observed people having sex. Concluded that men and women orgasm relatively at the same time; when women masturbate, they stimulate only the clitoris. 1972 Eisenstadt vs Baird: Allowed sale of birth control to single people A definition ­is a group of words which attempt to give meaning to another word or symbol. ­gain their power from acceptance, NOT FROM BEING TRUE OR FALSE. ­definitions are made up, are neither right or wrong (like definition of sex) A hypothesis ­a statement that you can gather data for but enough hasn’t been done to conclude. A fact ­is a statement in which its possible to gather scientific evidence and the overwhelming evidence suggest that the statement is accurate. ­ Must be measurable, repeatable and observable Myths ­A statement in which its possible to gather scientific evidence and the overwhelming evidence suggest that the statement is not accurate. ­Always false, and not accurate to everyone. Value statement ­A statement in which it may or may not be possible to gather scientific data to determine if the statement is accurate or not. ­Words found in Value Statement: sin, good, bad, morally/upright, attractive, unattractive, great, responsible. ­ Can be stated as a fact, demand or personal opinion You can have facts about values, but values cannot be facts. 9 Stating as if it were fact: Using to be verbs: “IS”. It is wrong to have sex before marriage. The movie was great. Atheist are wrong. As a demand: Most common way to state a value statement. We do it to trick people and imply we are right and they are wrong. Implies inequality. Also try to trick ourselves. Persuasive. The SECOND most common way to state a value statement. We do it because people are sheep, and the threat of punishment gives it power. Using word should or shouldn’t. You shouldn’t have oral sex. As an opinion and personal preference: Saying: I like, I think, I don’t want… I prefer sex with a friend. Least common way. Implies that people can disagree and both be right/equality. This is what he recommends. Value Statements EXAMPLES: The grass is green: fact Myth: Two condoms are better than one Value statements A. Homosexuality is wrong or Man was created in the image of God: value stated as a fact B. You should not have oral sex: value stated as a demand C. I prefer sex with someone I know well: value as a personal opinion Historical Perspective and Sexuality Fact: Islam­ Islam is the world’s fastest­growing religion. ­ textbook 1/5th of the world is Muslim Religion sets rules for sexuality. Religion was an arm of the state. Religion: All old religions had male and female gods. Both were just as powerful, sometimes the female even more because female=birth, agriculture, life grows from earth. We are all children of the Earth. Languages have feminine and masculine endings: earth is feminine, sun masculine. Gods were all sexual in the past. No separation between sexuality and spirituality. 10 Anglo­Saxon Goddess: Eostre­ goddess of agriculture. Where we get name for Easter. To make crops grow in spring males went to temple to have sex with goddess/ with maidens that served the goddess. The difficulty there is that she is invisible. The maidens thus served Gods as representation of a goddess. Isis­ daughter of Earth and Sky. In Egypt. Egypt for a time had monotheistic God. Sun: Ray Atan Moon: Addonis; always feminine Monotheistic means that Egypt worshiped only one god, sun god, and he was sexual. Sun god used sex to create life. Durga­ Indian warrior goddess, very powerful Zeus­ Greek God, fell in love with Leda, turns into swan and has sex. Aphrodite­ Greek goddess of love and beauty. Athena­ Greek goddess of wisdom. She was a virgin birth, came out of Zeus head. Sets wisdom apart from sex/genitalia. Islam came before Christianity*** Greeks Explain Seasons Demeter is the goddess of agriculture. She has daughter Persephone. Hades takes daughter to underworld, Demeter goes to Hades and have the Great Compromise. Half a yr daughter is with Demeter and we have spring/fall and half the yr daughter is with Hades and we have winter/summer Navajo­ first people born from earth from the Canyon de Chelly. Spider woman rock, women spun web fr...
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