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1998 c socket programming tutorial share session 5958

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Unformatted text preview: R&D Slide 3 Feb. 1998 C Socket Programming Tutorial SHARE Session 5958 Connections and Associations U U In Socket terms a connections between two processes in called an association. An association can be abstractly defined as a 5tuple which specifies the two processes and a method of communication. For example: • {protocol, local-addr, local-process, foreign-addr, foreign-process} U A half-association is a single “side” of an association (a 3-tuple) • {protocol, addr, process} SAS Institute Inc. Institute Cary, NC SAS/C & C++ Compiler R&D Slide 4 Feb. 1998 C Socket Programming Tutorial SHARE Session 5958 Networking Terms U U U packet - the smallest unit that can be transferred “through” the network by itself protocol - a set of rules and conventions between the communicating participants A collection of protocol layers is referred to as a “protocol suite”, “protocol family” or “protocol stack”. TCP/IP is one such protocol suite. SAS Institute Inc. Institu...
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