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Assume that point b remains in shown below contact

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Unformatted text preview: remains in shown below. contact with the horizontal surface aligned with the bottom of the flywheel, as shown below. Find: For this moment in time: Find: • this moment in time, For Determine the velocity of B. a) determine the velocity of B (write your answer as a vector). • Show the location of the instant center of link AB in the figure below. Use this location to b) show the location of the instantof B foundlink AB in the figure below. verify the direction of the velocity center of above. Use this location to verify the direction of the velocity of B found in a) above. • Determine the acceleration of B. c) determine the acceleration of B (write your answer as a vector). atics Homework Problems II-20 ME 274 Chapter II: Planar Rigid Body Kinematics Homework II-11 Homework BD ism is made up of links AB,2.I and DE. At the instant shown, links AB and rtical, and link BD is horizontal. For this posit...
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